Grypp is a premium visual client communications system which comprises video and audio conferencing, chat, share screen, share media and e-signing capabilities, which can be highly configured via client or adviser specific templates for delivering regulated financial advice.

All the benefits of a face to face meeting… without any of the hassle. Share whatever files or documents you need; key feature documents, risk profiles, illustrations – right there in front of you and your client.

Just invite them by sending a link. All they’ll need is a web browser, online connection, webcam and microphone and you’re live. No need for lengthy downloads, plugins or installs.

This is so much more than just screen sharing. You can pull in new information and demonstrate the implications in real time. Share photos, videos and animations – anything to make concepts easier to understand and more memorable.

It’s even got the facility for an electronic signature for immediate sign off so the whole business process can be shortened. Screen interactions and speech are recorded, providing a complete audit trail and satisfying compliance.

Clients are more interested and engaged. The ‘meeting’ is completely relaxed and natural. You’re able to check the client’s understanding as you go along and even in ‘bring in’ specialists to the meeting so the client gets the best possible experience. As a business, you’re using resources wisely, saving on travel time and costs.

Clients can now have meetings with your advisers on their own terms whether via their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


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