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What is involved if I want to set up screen to screen engagement with clients or colleagues?


This is a question a lot of new clients ask us either directly (or indirectly!) as the video conferencing market has really moved on over the last few years, and many are completely confused where to start as relying on experiences such as Skype or Facetime which are not really designed for business application are therefore not very not helpful when choosing something for your business.


What types of set-up are there?


  • Point to point. Essentially a direct connection between two locations. This is like having a telephone call but with video enabled so callers can both hear and see each other.


  • Multipoint. This is the same but with more than two locations participating in the same video conferencing call.


It is important to note that these solutions can include any combination of (i) fully enabled meeting rooms, (ii) huddle rooms, (iii) desktops at work, (iv) laptops at home, (v) smart phones or (vi) tablets. It is this wide connectivity which is now making the whole connectivity available to many businesses and indeed clients alike.


This type of connectivity using some, or all, of the devices above may use ‘streaming’. This type of call uses software instead of hardware, which was the norm many years ago, and was very expensive and unreliable. New cloud based platforms allow great connectivity and a wide range of devices to connect seamlessly and efficiently to allow an immersive engagement between the various parties. The diagram below shows how connectivity can work:


The ease of using some of the modern platforms with one touch connectivity, and meeting scheduling in Outlook or other calendars, makes the move to screen to screen interaction easy!


Some of us remember when mobile phones were new and we wondered how the calls would work and whether it would take off? Using screen to screen will be just as big in a few years’ time with audio calls a thing of the past.


Talk to us about a free trial to see if this is for you!